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Good food sinks fertilization

文章摘要:Good food sinks fertilization,拜寿还就铜驼荆棘,电缆厂鸱张蚁聚法院申请。

Good solid exchange is based on crop cultivation, soil nutrition, physiology, plant protection theory, the use of advanced production technology and process carefully developed a highly concentrated green pollution-free 100% water soluble functional fertilization.

First, the specification: 20kg

Second, the effect:

1, a good real exchange rich live spore microflora, make soil nutrients is active activated state, providing more nutrients to crops, releasing soil compaction, improve permeability, increase in temperature, improve soil fertility; while resistance gene activation plant, improve plant resistance to low temperature, resistance to drought, saline-alkali capacity, relieve a variety of injury, fertilizer damage, gas damage.

2, real good sink contain sufficient calcium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, boron, iron, manganese and other trace elements, can supplement the required crop nutrients, chlorophyll content, enhance photosynthesis, vegetable, fruits common flowers topping, flower, fruit drop, cracking, deformed fruit and other physiological diseases with good inhibitory effect.

3, good real exchange add particular plant cell active factor, can activate the passive state of the plant cell, the plant fully promote the absorption of nutrients, and promote differentiation, increasing the number of female flowers, improve pollination quality, improve fruit to promote fruit quickly swelling, increase sugar into activity, to promote a variety of nutrient transport fruit, fruit taste, appearance, bright color, high grade; while extending picking harvest, increase yield range.

Third, the application of crop: vegetables, fruits, fruit trees, strawberries, grapes and herbs and so on.

The use of methods: After a good solid mix well with water will sink facilities, irrigation, fertilizing, irrigating roots, etc., according to the fertility situation amount per acre 15-20kg, can also increase or decrease under the guidance of agronomists based crop amount.

Balanced nutrition ---- good "benefits"

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