First, the product: Ake full

Second, the specification: 100g * 50 bottles * member

Third, the positioning: acaricidal and ovicidal holding effect one month

Fourth, the product features:

    1, fast and efficient --- medication 15 minutes, pest mortality rate of 90%, 24 hours after the insect mortality rate of more than 99%;

    2, a unique formula --- Add YMZ imported additives, the ratio of science. This product can inhibit the formation of mite eggs and embryos from larva to molting process mite, mites and eggs of both effects.

    3, long duration ---- Ake full on female adult mites have a good infertility, can effectively control the propagation of mites, strong resistance to rain, the persistence of up to 30 days

Fifth, the use of technology:

20-30g watered 30 pounds of water, uniform spray

VI Notes:

1. Ake over other agents may be used in combination.

2. Spray 6 hours after the rain does not need to fill spray.

3. It should be kept in a cool dry place.

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