Existing insecticidal, fungicidal, herbicides,Plant Nutrition four series over 100 varieties

Weifang  Wansheng Biological Pesticide Co., Ltd. is located in the famous International Kite are ---- Weifang City, Shandong Province. Is a national pesticide production enterprises. Founded in 2002, after five years of rapid growth, in 2007 the success of the United States Shi Beier International Limited, a joint venture of Sino-US joint venture in Weifang Maxell biological pesticides Limited, the registered capital of 36 million yuan. The company has four projects the original drug, pesticide intermediates 2, pesticide formulations registration certificate 36. There are original drug chlorpyrifos, Acetamiprid, Wuyiencin, cyhalothrin. Pesticide intermediates have myclobutanil intermediate, intermediate dichloro five chloromethylpyridine. Since 2008 the original drug and intermediates sales for three consecutive years over 400 million yuan. Shandong Province is the key project enterprises, has been rated as……

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